Holiday in Asian

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For a traveller, who likes to visit all the places in the world and aims at covering every single country on planet earth, starting with Asia can be quite difficult. This is because the largest continent in the globe has so many countries and so many beautiful places to visit that it would not be possible to cover even the maximum part of the continent, forget completing it in a single attempt. But, of course it is worth visiting this massive continent with nature in its abundance, people living like a crowd and complex weather in different zones.

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I thought of starting with the South Eastern countries of Indonesia and Thailand and then gradually move west to visit Sri Lanka as well as  India. As I visited the Indonesian island of Bali, the only word that came to my mind was Wow! So this is it! Subramaniam in babylon founded! Indeed the beautiful seacoasts and the magical mountains with being spoil of its natural look and appeal, gave me the perfect start of my ASEAN vacations. With wonderful people and a friendly approach to all of the visitors, it was extremely wonderful to stay in the island of Bali.

Travelling Tip in Singapore

Singapore is a place where you can easily come holidaying to. You can always book a flight from anywhere and reach this fantastic city to relax and chill out from your daily monotonous life. And, once you reach Singapore, you will find that there are many things to do there. You will run out of days, but you will not run out of things to do.

Hence, as soon as we decided to head to the Asean region, our stop was undoubtedly Singapore. We knew the city was the gateway to the region and hence it become our automatic selection. Once we reached our destination, we understood that we had made the right decision. And, today, we are recommending you to do the same.

Singapore is all about glitz, glamour and diversification:

When you reach Singapore will you locate that the city is full of top brands, big shops, great restaurants and millions of places to visit. However, you will also be very surprised to see that the country is full of people from various ethnicity and culture. For people in Singapore and Malaysia, these tourists usually spend their time in the city a lot and they would book car rental in johor bahru in order to gain access between two countries. Singapore and Malaysia are very close to each other. People from all over the world come to Singapore to enjoy its sights and scenes and many of them really admire what the city has to offer to everyone. If you ever walk on the streets of the city, you will see that people from different cultures selling various things from their own Diaspora. This is the reason why the country is so special and this is why many people visit the country.

Typical Ride of Singapore Ferry 

One thing that people look forward to when they reach this Singapore country is the world famous ferry rides. There are several websites and companies that are in the business of providing ferry tickets like sg to batam ferry to all tourists and travellers to this Asean destination.

And, you can use any one of them to make sure that you have a confirmed and booked ticket for your desired ferry route and ride. So, let us take a look at the reasons why these ferry ticket selling companies are so popular and why are they so widely used by many. We are going to dissect the work that they do.

Exploring the cities in the Asean with these ferries:

Ferry rides always mean water, cool air and breeze and of course tranquil and calm environments. This is why it is always in your best interests to opt for ferry rides from and to places like Bintan Island, Batam Island, Desaru, Brunei and Singapore. Of course, Singapore is the main hub for the ferry companies, as the country easily plays and become the centre for the Asean countries. The city’s 3 main ferry stations and ports also always come in handy when you want to catch a ferry to a place. The ports are of course the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, the Harbour Front Ferry Terminal and the world famous Changi Ferry Station.

You can catch a ferry to various places from here and you can always book your tickets from there too. But, it is always in your best interests to book a ferry ticket online thanks to the rush and demand for them.